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In case you haven’t realised yet, for a while now there has been about a two week lag in the time I visit a restaurant or cook something and the time it actually takes for me to publish the post. This has been happening for some time, and I blame it all entirely on the one-track mind I have when it comes to food. I’ve been visiting so many new places, trying so many different places, that I have so much to write about, yet I must contain myself to publish a maximum of three posts a week, so that I don’t antagonise the hell out of you folks, because no one else (other than myself) could possibly want to read so much about food!

Now that I’ve explained this to you, you’ll understand when I say I visited Umi Sushi+Udon in the second-last week of March, and it was one of the warmest starts to autumn Sydney has ever seen. It was the perfect evening for a stroll down to Darling Quarter after work, just as the sun was setting.

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