Umi Sushi + Udon, Darling Quarter

(Food blog by The Food Book)

Who remembers when the most exciting thing in Darling Quarter was Sega World? Now Sega World is long gone and there is a brand spanking new strip of eateries including a Guylian cafe, Janus cafe, Taste Baguette and an array of restuarants. One of these new places is Umi Sushi and Udon, sister sushi train to Umi Kaiten-Zushi at Capitol Theatre. Umi Sushi + Udon has a nice set up where the train is located inside but there are also several large tables outside. You can choose to order off the menu or walk inside to take sushi off the train. The benefit of sitting outside is that you get to people-watch the hyperactive kids scrambling around like psychotic monkeys on the playground.

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